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Ultra Analog VA-3


Ultra Analog VA-3


Ultra Analog performs as a unique and powerful synth that is fast, easy, and remarkably versatile.

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Ultra Analog VA-3 newsfeed

§ What’s new §

We have streamlined Ultra Analog and brought it to a whole new level.

§ Try Ultra Analog VA-3 now for free §

Fully functional. Less than 170 MB to download. Seconds to install.

§ Home view §

With macros mapped to key sound characteristics—modulation, timbre, envelope, and effect—the Home view presents a distraction free and laidback browsing and tweaking experience.

§ Jump right in §

With Packs, Sounds, Categories, and Creators views, Ultra Analog VA-3’s brand-new browser offers an efficient way to home in on the sounds you’re looking for.

§ Two-voice Multitimbral §

Ultra Analog VA-3 combines two independent timbres—stacked or split—to create performance-friendly, texture-full, and spacious sounds that are sure to make a good impression.

§ Familiar and sophisticated §

With its two-oscillator-plus-filter arrangement and advanced editing options, Ultra Analog VA-3 strikes a sweet balance between familiarity and an exceptional amount of flexibility.

Ultra Analog VA-3 Synth panel

§ Multi-effect galore §

Ultra Analog VA-3 holds an abondance of effects in three independent racks. Reverb, delay, distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, filters, equalizer, compressor, guitar amplifier, tremolo—all assist in putting the final touch on a sound.

Ultra Analog VA-3 Effects panel

§ Per sound MIDI-controlled variations §

Ultra Analog VA-3 now boasts four performance macros per layer that respond to user-defined MIDI controls. Each and every sound features modulation, timbre, envelope, and effect morphing assignments that can be played in real time for enhanced expressivity and sonic dimension.

Ultra Analog VA-3 Macros module

§ Everything you need from start to finish §

With 1200+ professionally crafted presets covering all the synthesizer sound categories, Ultra Analog VA-3 packs everything you need to create all the parts of your productions.

§ Take it further §

With 18 Sound Pack Series titles adding up to more than 2200 presets, Ultra Analog VA‑3 looks forward to spark your imagination—whenever you need it.

§ Tutorials §

Learn more on how to use Ultra Analog VA-3

A packed 20 minutes of tutorials

A complete video series of tutorials on Ultra Analog VA-3. Learn all about the ergonomics, the modules, and the sound of our acoustic object synthesizer. More soon…

WINDOWS · MACOS · 64-bit
§ VST2 · VST3 · AU · AAX Native · NKS · STANDALONE §

Ultra Analog VA-3 is compatible with nearly all DAWs.

  • Ableton Live



  • Apple GarageBand



  • Apple Logic Pro


    Logic Pro

  • Apple MainStage



  • Avid Pro Tools


    Pro Tools

  • Bitwig Bitwig Studio


    Bitwig Studio

  • Cakewalk by BandLab



  • Cuckos Reaper



  • Image-Line FL Studio


    FL Studio

  • MOTU Digital Performer


    Digital Performer

  • Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

    Native Instruments

    Komplete Kontrol

  • Native Instruments Maschine

    Native Instruments


  • Presonus Studio One


    Studio One

  • Propellerhead Reason

    Reason Studios


  • Steinberg Cubase



Mac minimum system requirements*

  • macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
  • Intel Core i5 (circa 2015), Apple M1 processor or later
  • 64-bit DAW

PC minimum system requirements*

  • Windows 10 64‑bit or later
  • Intel Core i5 (circa 2015) processor or later
  • 64-bit DAW

*The minimum system requirements mentioned above are for standalone usage. For plug-in usage, please refer to your DAW software requirements (Cakewalk, Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, etc.).

§ Ready to buy? §

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What type of copy protection does Ultra Analog VA-3 use?

All AAS instruments use a proprietary copy protection based on a challenge/response mechanism.

Can I re-authorize Ultra Analog VA-3 if I upgrade or change my computer, or have a computer crash?

The license agreement for Ultra Analog VA-3 allows authorization on up to two computers which belong to you. You might need, however, more than two authorizations if for example, you get a new computer or change some piece of hardware such as the hard drive. In these situations, it won't be a problem to obtain additional authorizations.

With your product serial number, you will be able to generate two different authorizations every 90 days directly from our website. Beyond that threshold, you will have to provide an explanation of why you need an additionnal authorization.

Do you offer educational pricing?

We do offer educational discounts on our products to students and teachers. Site licenses, representing a substantial savings on the regular price of the products, are also available to educational institutions. For more information on educational pricing or to order please contact sales by email or phone.

What’s included with my purchase?

  • Links to the Windows and macOS installers (less than 170 MB)
  • Serial number
  • License for two computer installations (e.g. a laptop and desktop)
  • Standalone application (runs without a plug-in host)
  • VST and AAX Native plug-ins for Windows
  • AU, VST, and AAX Native plug-ins for macOS
  • Manual

Are upgrade paths available for Ultra Analog VA-3?

Yes, all the upgrade options are available from your Offers page—the Upgrade button below will take you there.