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Tassman 4


The Press has been raving about Tassman since 2001. Here are some excerpts...


The sound is so unique

“I'm re-discovering Tassman and it's just great—the sound is so unique. I've used it on nearly every demos for our next album.”

—Michael Herberger, Naidoo-Herberger Produktion

Nothing quite like it

“It's very convenient to build a nice sounding instruments with the components of Tassman 4. But if you prefer to start off with a preset and adjust it to your own liking, Tassman will definitely do the job. The Physical Modeling at the basis of Tassman also helps making this software a synth that is out of the ordinary—sound wise, there's nothing quite like it on the market.”

MM Musikermagasinet

Top modeling, awesome possibilities

“Tassman 4 retains its position as the top modeling program around.”

“There's no soft synth on the market today that has as many unique sonic building blocks as Tassman, and the range of possibilities it offers is awesome.”

Dennis Miller, Electronic Musician

A rich layer of sophistication

“Tassman v4.0 adds a rich layer of sophistication to its sounds, while its much larger library proves just how capable the AAS analogue- and physical-modelling modules really are.”

Martin Walker, Sound On Sound

Choice Award—5/5

“Overall, Tassman 4 is an exceptional music software package offering the user a fantastic selection of instruments and effects, and the capability of making new ones. It's a synthesist's dream!”

“A really powerful music tool. Essential for any composer who wants to get the most out of software synthesis.”

Cliff Douse, Mac Format

Performance Award—8/10

“Tassman has always been one of the easiest modular synthesizers to use, and it loses none of its user friendliness with this update.”

“The results were terrific. Tassman's compliment of filters, resonant tubes and effects made for some serious loop mangling which will definitely find favour with fans of avant garde or IDM styles. If drums amazed, then guitars astounted. You'll find Tassman 4 to be an ideal tool for guitar treatments.”

Computer Music

Power and versatility

“Tassman 4 not only preserves but also expands upon the power and versatility of its predecessor, remaining an enjoyable sound design tool that amply rewards its user's experimentation and creativity. Its learning curve is still friendlier than Max/MSP while providing the same basic functionality, and its physical modeling features set it apart from the rest of the soft-synth crowd.”

Alex Reynolds, Grooves

A very powerful piece of kit

“Tassman 4 is a very powerful piece of kit—in the true sense of the word. Being able to choose and configure so many modules is an experienced synthesist's dream and if you follow the tutorials, it's an excellent way for beginners to learn the basics of the craft as well. What's more, with so many new Performance presets now included, you can produce rich and complex sounds very quickly. But the real pleasure of owning and using an instrument like Tassman is in the creative possibilities it offers.”

Keith Gemmell, Music Tech

Transparent and intuitive

“Tassman captivates by its sound. The included acoustic models are excellently worked out and so allow to get really faithful and dynamic sounds. The analog instruments also sound great, warm but selectively (maybe a little less "plush" than the competition, but thanks to that—different). Worth using are also all kinds of sound effects useful in electronic and film music. Aside from instruments with Tassman we get a wide set of effects and great creation possibilities. The way of creation instruments and sounds is very transparent and intuitive, so even beginners shouldn't have problems with it.”

Muzyk FCM

Warmth and fullness

“There's a warmth and fullness here that some other products just don't have... If you have the need for a powerful yet simple way to create a huge diversity of sounds, musical or otherwise, I strongly recommend Tassman.”

John McJunkin, Remix

Extensive tweaking opportunities

“Tassman 3.02 is a unique program that can provide a huge range of unusual sounds. Any composer or sound designer would appreciate the high quality of its models and the extensive tweaking opportunities it provides, and if you're an instrumentalist, you might consider using it for your next gig. If you have any interest in physical modeling, Tassman is the place to start.”

Dennis Miller, Electronic Musician

Recommended Award—9/10

“The sound quality of the software is nothing short of excellent.”

“The supplied instruments and presets are impressive and the Player interface is a delight to use.”

Ian Waugh, Music Tech

The perfect Modular

“The perfect Modular.”

“Tassman is a synth lover's wet dream: a physical modeling modular synthesizer.”

“Overall, a very cool plug-in for those in need of highly realistic sounds.”

Jessy Terry, XLR8R

Thumbs up

“(...) anyone considering buying a modular software synth would be well advised to investigate Tassman 3.0's unique combination of physical and analogue modelling, especially now it's available for Mac for the first time, since there's nothing else quite like it. It certainly gets a thumbs up from me!”

Martin Walker, Sound On Sound

Platinum Award

“Tassman 3 works beautifully on a variety of levels. It's accessible enough to offer something to the beginner, yet has a degree of depth that will satiate the demands of the ardent fan!”

Future Music

A thrill to use

“In sum, this is one amazingly powerful and verstaile sound tool (...). Instant fun results from tying (the module controls) to modulation objects or controllers while a sound is being generated in real time. It is this sense of play-of immediately rewarding your experiments-that makes Tassman such a thrill to use, and such an inimitable piece of software.”

Alex Reynolds, Grooves

Performance Award—9/10

“Tassman can go just about as deep as you want it to go...its analogue timbres are staggeringly authentic, and it is easier to program than Reaktor.”

“VERDICT: Excellent sounds and lots of them.”

Computer Music

An exeptional instrument

“Tassman 2 is an exeptional instrument. It sounds great, it's surprisingly easy to use, and it's exceptionally vesatile.”

Computer Music, Virtual Instrument Special

Very nearly the be-all and end-all of soft synths

“(...) the Tassman is very nearly the be-all and end-all of soft synths.”

Scot Solida, Grooves

A lot of fun to play with

“Bottom line, this instrument is a lot of fun to play with. The multiple function nature—plug-in, standalone, or sequencer based soft-synth—really extends its value as a useable and useful tool.”

Bill Stunt, Recording

Evocative, detailed sounds

“Physical modeling algorithms have been around for a few years, but Tassman is the first program that I know of that puts physical modeling, in a design-it-yourself modular synth environment.”

“Tassman performs well. It's best modules are in the physical modeling area: They can produce some evocative, detailed sounds, and there's nothing else on the market quite like them.”

Jim Aikin, Keyboard

Beyond most other software synths

“Tassman's physical modeling engine goes way beyond most other software synths... If you're a tweak head who loves sitting for hours making sick ass sounds, Tassman is the weapon for you.”

—Petri Nauha, MC2