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License transfer

You can sell or give an AAS product to someone else by filling the form below

Seller/owner information

Please enter your personal information as well as the serial number of the product you wish to transfer.

Buyer information

Please enter the buyer’s information. Make sure that there are no typos!

Transfer reason

Please tell us why you are transferring your license and what you feel we could improve upon.

How license transfer works?

The current license owner, the seller, must fill and submit this license transfer request form. Once we review and approve the license transfer request, the seller will receive a message containing a confirmation link; visiting the link will complete and finalize the transfer. That is, the seller's serial number will be disabled and the buyer will receive a message containing a new serial number and a link to the product's latest installers.

How about transferring multiple serial numbers?

If you have several serial numbers to transfer to a single recipient, please include all the serial numbers in the Transfer Reason field, or contact us via support@applied-acoustics.com.

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