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Tassman 4

Sound Synthesis Studio


Answers to some common questions.

Why is Tassman 4 being deprecated? §

The deprecation of Tassman 4 has been a long time coming. Tassman 4 has been our biggest endeavour, filled with good and bad design decisions but ultimately, we failed to make it evolve. Additionally, Tassman 4 will stop working completely with macOS Catalina (10.15). With all this, we are no longer at ease in selling it actively. We are choosing to stop its development and focus our efforts on projects more adapted to today's music production workflow and devices.

Is AAS abandoning the modular concept? §

No! Tassman as a modular environment has been the founding product of the company. The modular world is simply exploding these days and we are proud to be part of it by partnering with Intellijel. Further, we still think that a software modular environment has its place and can bring a totally unique sonic experience. We are actively exploring new ideas for a modular product but that’s all we can share at the moment.

What’s the final version number for Tassman 4? §

Here are the final version numbers for macOS and Windows as well as links to download them. The complete version history is available at the Downloads section.

Will I still be able to authorize Tassman 4 on a compatible system in the future? §

Yes, our plan is to support the authorization of Tassman 4 indefinitely.

Will I still be able to download the Tassman 4 installers in the future? §

Yes, our plan is to provide the final Tassman 4 installers indefinitely.

Where can I find the Tassman 4 manual?

Right here and via the application’s Help menu.

Where can I find the content of the User Library? §

The User Library has been taken offline for security reason but its Tassman 4 related content can be downloaded via the links below.

Can I still buy Tassman 4? §

Yes, Tassman 4 can still be purchased at the student price of $99 but it's sold as-is. You can verify that Tassman 4 works on your system by downloading the final installers via the links provided on this page. There is no guarantee that any update will be provided. You can purchase Tassman 4 via this link.