Multiphonics CV-2 Manual

Version 2.2.0

Sample & Hold

  1. Sample Input Voltage that will be sampled when the Hold input is triggered. Normalled to a built-in white noise generator.
  2. Hold Input Trigger input.
  3. Hold Button Triggers the Hold input manually.
  4. T&H Ouput Track & Hold output.
  5. S&H Ouput Sample & hold output.


The Sample & Hold module stores the voltage present at the input when the Gate input is triggered. The S&H jack outputs the stored voltage.

It also provides a track & hold (T&H) output, which is a variation on sample & hold: the T&H output tracks the input when the gate is high (>2V), and holds its last voltage when the gate is down.

The Gate input can also be triggered by hand with a push button.

In Depth

The Signal input is normalled to an internal white noise generator (±5V), so the module can be used to generate the popular random sample and hold effect simply by connecting a clock signal to the Gate input and using the output to modulate a filter cutoff or a VCO pitch.

For logic gate geeks out there, the Hold module can be used as a D flip-flop where the Sample jack is the data input, the Hold jack is the clock input, and the Out jack is the Q output. Q̅ can be obtained by connecting the output to an Inverter module’s Gate input. This is much easier than building a D flip-flop out of a bunch of Logic modules.

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