Multiphonics CV-2 Manual

Version 2.2.0

Polarizing Mix 5

  1. Input 1 to 5 Input jacks for signals to be mixed.
  2. Gain Knob 1 to 5 Sets the input gain in the mix. From -100% (full scale, inverted polarity) to 100% (full scale, original polarity).
  3. Modulation 1 to 5 Gain modulation input.
  4. Post Output 1 to 5 Post-gain output for each channel.
  5. Level Knob ±12dB trim on the output signal.
  6. Mix Output Sum of inputs 1 to 5.


This mixer is very similar to the Mix 5 module, with two major differences:

  1. The gain knobs are bipolar attenuators that can change the polarity of the signal when they are turned counterclockwise. This is useful when mixing different CV sources that may not have the desired polarity, or to achieve some specific phase cancellation effects when mixing raw oscillator waveforms.

  2. Each attenuator has a Post output, so the module can be used as 5 independent inverters/attenuators, or even 5 independent VCAs when setting the gain to 0% and connecting an envelope signal into the modulation input.

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