Multiphonics CV-2 Manual

Version 2.2.0


  1. Macro Knob Sets the voltage for this macro output.
  2. -/+ Bipolar voltage output, -5V to 5V.
  3. + Unipolar voltage output, 0V to 10V.


The Macros module in the top row provides 4 macro knobs that produce fixed voltages.

This module is always present on the top row and cannot be moved or removed.

Each Macro knob has two outputs: bipolar (labeled -/+), and unipolar (labeled +).

When using Multiphonics as a plug-in, the macro knobs can be used with host automation. Besides that, the Macros module works exactly like the Voltage Source module.

In Depth

The voltage at the -/+ and + jacks is controlled by the Macro knob. The -/+ output is bipolar, while the + output is unipolar.

  • When a Macro knob is fully counterclockwise, its -/+ output is -5V, and its + output is 0V.
  • When it is centered (default position when double-clicking on the knob), its -/+ output is 0V and its + output is 5V.
  • When it is fully clockwise, its -/+ output is 5V, and its + output is 10V.

Each Macro knob can also be modulated with the input to its left. The modulation signal will be scaled by the attenuverter and simply summed into the output voltage.

While any modulation source can be wired into a Macro’s modulation input, their main purpose is to make it possible to control the macro from a MIDI keyboard by connecting the Keyboard module’s Mod 1 or Mod 2 output to the modulation input.

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