Multiphonics CV-2 Manual

Version 2.2.0

Voltage Source

  1. Voltage Knob Sets the voltage.
  2. -/+ Bipolar voltage output, -5V to 5V.
  3. + Unipolar voltage output, 0V to 10V.


This module offers four adjustable voltage sources to be used wherever you need a fixed voltage.

Each source has two outputs: bipolar (labeled -/+), and unipolar (labeled +).

The bipolar output has a range of -5V to 5V, while the unipolar output has a range of 0V to +10V. While turning the knob with the mouse, both values are displayed.

Double clicking on the knob will set it to its midpoint, which is 0V on the bipolar output and 5V on the unipolar output.

The Voltage knobs can also be modulated with the inputs to their left. The modulation signals will be scaled by their attenuverters and simply summed into the output voltage. You can take advantage of this to add an envelope or a LFO to the voltage source without needing an additional mixer.

When modulation is applied to the knobs, the output is limited to the -40V to 40V range.

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