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Lounge Lizard EP-4

Take it for a spin

There is nothing like a test drive before you buy. Less than 12 MB to download. Seconds to install.


Using Lounge Lizard as an instrument plug-in

The Lounge Lizard plug-in integrates seamlessly into the industry most popular multi-track recording and sequencing environments as a virtual instrument plug-in. Lounge Lizard works as any other plug-in in these environments so we recommend that you refer to your host sequencer documentation in case you have problem running Lounge Lizard as a plug-in.

Using MIDI program changes

MIDI program changes are automatically assigned to the first 128 presets of the currently selected bank. You can therefore use program changes to explore the Lounge Lizard library.


The Lounge Lizard manual is included and is accessible from the top drawer pane.

Demo Limitations

  • Save functions have been disabled.
  • Sound is interrupted every few seconds.
  • The Lounge Lizard EP-4 Demo must be restarted after 20 minutes.