Multiphonics CV-2 Manual

Version 2.2.0

3-band Splitter

  1. Mid/High Knob Sets the split point between the middle and high frequency bands.
  2. Low/Mid Knob Sets the split point between the low and middle frequency bands.
  3. Audio Inputs Stereo input for audio signal to be split into three bands.
  4. High Outputs High frequency band of the split signal (stereo).
  5. Mid Outputs Middle frequency band of the split signal (stereo).
  6. Low Outputs Low frequency band of the split signal (stereo).


This module splits an audio signal into three frequency bands for multiband processing.

It supports both mono and stereo processing. For mono processing, use the left input and output jacks.

To use the module as a two-band splitter, set the Low/Mid knob fully counterclockwise. This will disable the low band. Use the Mid and High outputs and the Mid/High knob to set the split point.


Connect a mono or stereo source signal to the module input.

The split point between the frequency bands is set with the Low/Mid and Mid/High knobs. The Low/Mid frequency should be set lower than the Mid/High frequency.

The split signals will appear on the High, Mid and Low outputs. To join the bands after processing, simply use a mixer. The Dual Mix module is a nice fit, as it can mix three inputs for each channel.

Technical Notes

The crossover filters are 24 dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley filters.

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