Multiphonics CV-2 Manual

Version 2.2.0

Stereo Mix 5

  1. Input 1 to 5 Stereo input jacks for signals to be mixed. Use left jack for mono input signals.
  2. Gain Knob 1 to 5 Sets the input gain in the mix.
  3. Modulation 1 to 5 Gain modulation input.
  4. Balance Knob 1 to 5 Stereo balance for this channel. Acts like a pan pot when only the left input jack is connected.
  5. Level Knob ±12dB trim on the output signal.
  6. Mix Output Stereo mix of inputs 1 to 5.


This is a 5-channel mixer for use in stereo patches.

Each channel can have a mono or stereo input.

  • For a mono input, only connect the signal to the left input jack. The Balance knob will act as a constant power pan pot (-3 dB center) to adjust the amount of signal sent to the left and right outputs.

  • For a stereo input, connect the left channel to the left input jack and the right channel to the right input jack. The Balance knob can be used to adjust the relative volume of the channels.

The gain of each channel can be modulated by connecting a CV signal to its modulation input. If you set the gain knob fully counterclockwise and connect an envelope signal into the modulation input, the channel will act like a simple VCA.

The Balance knob can’t be modulated. If you need to modulate the balance of a stereo signal, use the Stereo Util module. For a mono signal, use the Panner module.

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