Multiphonics CV-2 Manual

Version 2.2.0


  1. Input Note LED Shows the quantized note for the current input.
  2. Note Buttons Each button turns the note on or off. Active notes are shown with the green LEDs.
  3. Fine Knob Fine-tunes the output signal by ±1 semitone.
  4. Quantizer Input Pitch signal to be quantized.
  5. Quantizer Output Output pitch, quantized to the nearest active note.


The Quantizer module takes any CV signal and quantizes it to the closest musical note among those that have been enabled on the module’s panel.

In the image above, the Quantizer is set up to play notes from a G major scale.

Since the input signal is quantized to a fixed value, any vibrato, glide or pitch bend must be applied after quantization. To quantize notes from a Keyboard, connect its Note output to the Quantizer module, and mix the Quantizer output with the keyboard’s Bend output to add pitch bend to the quantized note.


Input pitch signal should be connected to the In jack at the bottom left. Quantized output will be produced on the Out jack at the bottom right.

An octave of notes from C (top) to B (bottom) is displayed vertically. Each note has a push-button to enable or disable it. The state is shown by the green LED to the left of the button.

The quantized note computed from the current input is indicated by a yellow LED.

If no note is enabled, then no quantization or fine-tuning will be done and the input signal will be passed unmodified to the output.

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