Multiphonics CV-2 Manual

Version 2.2.0


  1. Volume Knob Adjusts the input volume. Patches will work best when input is around 0 dB on the level meter.
  2. Left Left input signal.
  3. Right Right input signal.


Routes audio input from the DAW to the patch.

The Input module is always present in the top row of the Multiphonics CV‑2 Effect plug-in, but is not available in the Multiphonics CV‑2 Synth plug-in or in the standalone application.

When the plug-in is used in a mono or mono-to-stereo track, the mono input is routed to both the Left and Right jacks.

For best results with the Multiphonics CV‑2 factory patches, make sure that the average input level is around 0 dB on the level meter.

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