Angelicals  Sound bank for Ultra Analog VA-2 and AAS Player Angelicals

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for Ultra Analog VA-2 & AAS Player

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This preset collection can be used with the free AAS Player plug-in as well as the Ultra Analog VA-2 analog synthesizer.


Highly inspired by the work of Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, Angelicals is a retro-futuristic flashback in progressive and experimental electronic music. The 101 presets, divided into Arpeggios, Bass, Effects, Leads, Loops, Pads, and Synth categories, provide everything you need to dive right into the dramatic tension and enigmatic realms of sci-fi and thriller sounds.

Who is Andre Ettema?

Composer/sound designer Andre Ettema is specialized in audio design and sound programming for artists and picture. Andre has been working closely with Junkie XL and collaborated as additional audio designer and synthesizer programmer for a lot of film and game scores. Credits include work for Scissor Sisters, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and soundtracks for EA games SSX Blur and Need for Speed Prostreet.

Two years ago he founded AME Music, a company specialized in music synchronization and audio branding for commercials and TV, providing audio design for brands like Audi, Lexus, and British Airways.


The 101 presets of Angelicals


  • 3 + 3
  • Arpeggiations
  • Decaying Daffodils
  • Escapism
  • Fast Forward
  • Kinematic
  • The Deep Edges
  • XLerate


  • Analogistics
  • Cut Off
  • Electro Vibrant
  • Unisono Bass
  • Wah Bass


  • Gekko
  • Q Nox


  • Ambient Orchestra
  • Chordic
  • Electric Friends
  • Equinoxe Pt 5
  • Extinct
  • Undefined
  • Unisono Nasal
  • Vangelis Lead


    • Chaos Theory
    • Chopper Droning
    • Dr Doom


    • 100 Metres
    • Beehive Voices
    • Carpetry
    • Chorused Chariots
    • Collateral
    • Contemporarities
    • Equinox
    • Equinoxe Pt 2
    • The Big Sweep
    • Thin Pad
    • Timelords
    • Underground
    • Utopia
    • Wondering Waves


    • 7th Heaven
    • Alpha
    • Antarctica Echoes