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Apple M1 and M2 compatibility

The latest version of the following products have native support for Apple’s M-series computers.

  • AAS Player, Swatches, and all sound packs

  • Chromaphone 3

  • Lounge Lizard EP-4

  • Lounge Lizard Session 4

  • Multiphonics CV-1

  • Objeq Delay

  • String Studio VS-3

  • Strum GS-2

  • Strum Session 2

  • Ultra Analog Session 2

  • Ultra Analog VA-3

Use the custom “All” installer available from your Registered Products page to update all your products in one fell swoop. The latest version numbers are available from the Support page.

Please note that macOS Monterey (12.0) is available for both Intel- and M-series Mac computers. We have separate macOS Monterey compatibility information for that release.

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