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Tassman 4


Free additional instruments, presets and tutorial for Tassman registered users.


Tassman HV Instruments

The HV Intruments are exclusive acoustic creations from sound designer Harm Visser that show the true potential of Tassman.

HV Instruments

Descriptions and audio examples

Do you want more!? Harm Visser has also created a superb collection of Tassman instruments available exclusively from his website. Check it out!


Tassman Theme Packs

The Tassman Theme Packs are exclusive musical goods based on a specific style or theme.



This pack contains 17 instruments revolving around rave music.



This pack contains 14 Dub-style instruments.



This pack contains 15 instruments exploring the Electronica genre.



This pack contains 13 instruments concentrating on the Goa style.



This pack contains 18 instruments focusing on the Trance genre.


Tassman FX Packs

The Tassman FX Packs is a collection of effect patches, presets and performances designed to expand Tassman's arsenal of sound design tools.

FX Pack 1

Descriptions and audio examples

FX Pack 2

Descriptions and audio examples


Tassman FX Tutorial

Effect processing is easy with Tassman! Learn how to use this new Tassman 4 feature to create your own effect patches.

Tassman FX Tutorial

Descriptions and audio examples