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String Studio VS-3

String Oscillator Synthesizer


Answers to some common questions.

What’s the current version number for String Studio VS-3? §

Here are the current version numbers for macOS and Windows as well as links to download them. The complete version history is available at the Downloads section.

Can String Studio VS-1, VS-2, VS-3 be installed on the same machine? §

Absolutely, they are separate programs/plug-ins.

Will String Studio VS-3 load String Studio VS-2 sound banks? §

Yes, there are two options: manual and re-installation.

  1. Manual—Any bank can be converted into a String Studio VS-3 pack by following the steps of § 3.7 Importing Sounds from Previous versions of String Studio VS of the String Studio VS-3 manual.
  2. Re-installation—You can simply visit your Registered Products page to get the latest sound pack installers.