Applied Acoustics Systems releases the Real Illusions sound pack for the Multiphonics CV-2 and AAS Player plug-ins

Montreal, Quebec—September 26, 2023—Applied Acoustics Systems releases the Real Illusions sound pack for the Multiphonics CV-2 and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with Romanian sound designer Cipryan Bot.

With Real Illusions, Romanian sound designer Cipryan Bot explores Multiphonics' rhythmic capabilities with a collection of one-shot percussion sounds accompanied with inspiring rhythmic variations generated with the sequencer module. Real Illusions offers both a touch of realism and electronic resonance in a library of “ready to use” rhythmic sequences which expertly leverage the creative strengths of modular synthesis. Effortlessly elevate your production across multiple music genres by stacking up rhythmic layers for original groove-infused beat patterns. Refine your recordings using robust macros, carefully routed to enhance the character and dynamism in your performance. Cherry on top, Real Illusions also treats you with 15 inventive Multiphonics FX patches which will spice-up your tracks.

This sound pack features 20 unique “one-shot” patches along with four sequenced rhythmic variations for a total of 100 sounds. Also included for Multiphonics CV-2 users are 15 effect patches to use within your DAW.

Product Details

The Real Illusions sound pack is available now as an instant download delivery package. Real Illusions' synth patches works with both the Multiphonics CV-2 plug-in (sold separately) and the included AAS Player plug-in. Real Illusions' FX patches require the Multiphonics CV-2 plug-in (sold separately).

AAS Real Illusions—Cipryan Bot sound pack for Multiphonics CV-2 and AAS Player

Multiphonics CV-2 runs on both macOS and Windows in 64-bit host sequencers that support the VST2, VST3, Audio Units, and AAX Native formats.

Special Promotion

To mark the release, everything Multiphonics on sale until October 26, 2023. The discounts are as follows:

Multiphonics CV-2 +PACKS bundles the Multiphonics CV-2 plug-in, the new Real Illusions sound pack along with the Currents and Modular City sound packs. 

About Applied Acoustics Systems

Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) was founded in 1998 and is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a privately-held company, it specializes in software-based synthesis tools for professional musicians and sound designers. Since releasing Tassman, the first virtual instrument based on physical modeling, AAS has come to be recognized as the industry leader in this exciting new field of synthesis.


Eric Thibeault
Product Specialist