Lounge Lizard EP-4


Over 240 presets covering Rhodes, Wurlitzers, custom electric pianos, classic tracks, and wild experimentations…


Presets and effects

Lounge Lizard comes with an extensive preset library that is simply inspiring—giving you access to the Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds popularized by musical legends like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, and George Duke. There is a choice of pure and true tones as well as a selection of processed ones courtesy of the high-end effect section.

Especially designed for the electric piano—so you don't spend hours tweaking external plug-ins or boxes—the effect section includes the classic tremolo, chorus, wah, and phaser effects as well as EQ, delay and reverb, making it really easy to create your own distinctive custom tones.



Imagine having a collection of fully serviced Rhodes at your fingertips… Well, Lounge Lizard EP-4 holds 69 Rhodes presets with superb quality, full velocity range and unmatched playing dynamics.


69 Rhodes presets

  • BFly Rhodes 1
  • Basic Rhodes 1
  • BFly Rhodes Mark V
  • Tine at 9
  • Dark Rhodes 1
  • Woodoo
  • NE3 Rhodes 1
  • 70's Fusion
  • Casual 1
  • Comp Rhodes
  • Slightly Distorted 1
  • Warm Mark V
  • Mark V
  • Fender Amped Rhodes
  • Modern Processed Rhodes
  • Hybrid FM/Mark V
  • Modern Processed
  • Dark Rhodes 2
  • Squashed Mark V
  • BFly Rhodes 2
  • Basic Rhodes 2
  • Over Comp Rhodes
  • Jazz Rhodes
  • Woodoo More
  • SC Rhodes
  • Slightly Distorted 2
  • NE3 Rhodes 2
  • NE3 Rhodes 2 Comp
  • Felty Rhodes
  • Rock Electric Piano
  • Bright Hero
  • Blues Comp
  • Casual 2
  • Casual 3
  • Casual 4


The Wurlis offered less configuration options than their Rhodes cousins but sure had their own desirable unique tone. Lounge Lizard EP-4 introduced a brand new pickup model especially designed to reproduce the characteristic sound of the Wurlitzers. Here you get 13 straight Wurli pianos, but check out the Custom Electric Piano folder for some creative variations.


13 Wurlitzer presets

  • Warm Wurly
  • Rock Wurly
  • Wurlitzer 1
  • Tramp Wurly
  • Wurlitzer 2
  • Warm Wurly 2
  • Simply Wurly

Custom Electric Pianos

A lot of great players used effect boxes to extend the spectrum of the electric piano, or to create their own signature sound. The 70 Custom Electric Pianos were precisely assembled in that state of mind. Using the specially designed effects of Lounge Lounge EP-4, they bring creative and musical shades to the electric piano palette.

70 Custom Electric Pianos presets


Classic Tracks

The 11 Classic Tracks presets were directly inspired by the great EP chops of Herbie Hancock, Jamiroquai, Super Tramp, Gentle Giant, the Doors, Queen, the Guess Who, and Led Zeppelin. A journey through Rock history.

11 Classic Tracks presets

  • 4 AM
  • Aspirations
  • Black Capricorn Day
  • Dreamer
  • Lady
  • Logical Song
  • No Quarter
  • Proclamation
  • Riders on the Storm


What happens when you let crazy sound designers with an electric piano synthesizer? Cool sounds! The 47 Experimental Pianos push the synth engine to the limit. Changing the fork's material or the hammer's stiffness is casual business here. These sounds defies any sample bank, and even the real thing.


47 Experimental presets



Yes, you've read that right, organs! The 16 Pianorgans sounds combine the playing feel and dynamics of electric pianos with the distinctive attack and sustained tones of organs.


16 Pianorgans presets

  • Pianorgan Full Slow
  • Pianorgan Attack
  • Pianorgan Full Fast
  • Pianorgan Plain 1
  • Pianorgan Plain 2
  • Pianorgan Tiny 1
  • Pianorgan Tiny 2
  • Pianorgan Tiny 3
  • Continental Organ
  • Church Organ
  • Lush Combo
  • Pipe Organ
  • Vintage Organ 1
  • Vintage Organ 2
  • Vintage Organ 3
  • B3EP

16 Electronica and Warped presets